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Improving your local rankings with the search engines is the cornerstone to your business’s success online.

Online visibility is essential in reaching your customers and we can help you with your reach and engagement, ultimately leading to more qualified customers and sales!



So What Is SEO and How Does It Help My Business?

SEO helps local businesses to Boost Keyword Rankings and Website Visibility! This increases traffic (customers) to your website and provides qualified leads from the customers you want to attract.

The search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are constantly looking to serve up the best result (website) for the user so having your website optimised with good solid keyword research for your industry niche is critical!

Research tells us that 90% of people, your potential customers are searching for a product or a service online. So its critical that you have a strong online presence and can be seen amongst the competition. Of course, this takes time and effort as all good things do but with our unique approach to local business visibility online, we can get you there faster!

It’s critical to understand your business to create the important elements that go into delivering a high performing website that stands out from your competitors. By understanding your business better we can bring it to life online and achieve better results and that’s why we offer a comprehensive business assessment. Growing your business online has never been more important than now!

Is SEO Really Necessary?

The short answer is without it, your business will be in the wilderness online and just won’t get seen. Plain and simple!

When Can I Expect SEO Results For My Website?

“SEO is an ongoing sustained campaign”

That means that it will not work instantly. It takes time for Google and search engines to index your site and It can take anywhere from 3 weeks up to 12 months depending on the competition in your niche to start seeing results from your SEO.

We have had some businesses that start getting phone calls from their website within just a matter of a few weeks, and other businesses that don’t get their first enquiry for some months. But the important thing here is once they start coming in, it grows fast! and creates momentum.

It’s difficult to predict when we will see results for your website as ultimately It all depends on the Google search engine bots and algorithms. But one thing is for sure – we can stack the odds in your favour based on solid on and off-page SEO.

Good things take time and its long term so what we do know is that once you start getting clients from your website, you will never look back!

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SEO and Website Design Is An Investment

SEO for your website is an investment. As with any investment, it will pay itself off over time and time again. That’s why in-depth “keyword research” is critical to your SEO success online.

We use world-class analytics tools and best practice to obtain optimal results for your website investment.

The right Keywords (or phrases) are critical to ensuring your potential customers visit your website and stay there!  We can help you find the best and most relevant keywords for your small business which will help improve rankings on search engines, attract qualified customers and, equally importantly, provide solutions/answers and the right products or services for them.

The last thing you want is for visitors to open your website and then leave immediately, this is considered a poor user experience.

Did you know…A website has less than 3 seconds to connect with the user. It needs to be clear on what it’s offering and HOW it can help the user OR you have lost a customer.

Having a website that doesn’t connect with its user, not providing what the user expects based on the search commands (keywords) is a poor user experience and as such Google (and other search engines) can detect that your website does not provide what your visitors are looking for. This could very well be detrimental in your search engine rankings, which is absolutely not what you want!!

Here at Web Design Agency NZ we understand that keyword research is vital to your online success and take the time to do the comprehensive research in your industry niche to give you the best results!

Get in touch to find out how our website design, digital marketing & SEO services can help you grow your business.



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We’ll provide you with a comprehensive SEO assessment to assess your Website and identify areas that need work to optimise your site to reach its full potential and improve your website ranking

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