What Good Is The World’s Most Beautiful, User-Friendly Website If No One Ever Finds It?

To grow in the information age, businesses need both superior website design and effective digital marketing. The point of digital marketing is to drive traffic (i.e. people browsing the internet) to a website. All the fancy names, from pay-per-click to SEO to social media marketing, add up to the same thing — getting eyes on a site. Once the eyes are there, great web design can turn those viewers into customers.

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Web Design

Gone are the days when simply having a website was enough. It has to be the right kind of website.

“Design” implies certain artistry, and website design can be a creative endeavour. In web design for business, however, the most important task is to motivate purchase decisions.

Every company wants a website that “converts.” That is, converts a “prospect” or casual visitor into a paying customer. An e-commerce website might walk a visitor page-by-page through an entire “buyer’s journey,” from casual interest to product research all the way to pulling out the credit card and hitting “purchase.”

Alternately, the sole job of a website may be to collect the visitor as a “lead” by getting the visitor’s contact information. You could do this by requiring an email address or free login to access content the user wants, or by selling him or her on the virtue of a free consultation call. Regardless, once you have the prospect’s interest and contact information, your sales team can swing into action.

Tracking website analytics can help assess its performance. A few of these analytics are:


Bounce Rate

— the percentage of visits to a single page with no other clicks or interactions. The users “bounce out” almost as soon as they get there. The less bounce-back, the better.

Click path

— the order in which pages are viewed in a session.

Unique Visitor

— each unique user who visits your page. Repeat visitors can be tracked as well.

Engagement Time

— how long a user spends on your site, presumably engaged with the content.

How a visitor interacts with your page is known as the “User Experience” (UX). Bad UX — the page takes too long to load, looks ugly or outdated, appears in its desktop form on smartphone screens — will result in the prospects bouncing out of the web page long before the can convert to a customer or lead.

Digital Marketing

A best-in-class website with no digital marketing is just a vanity exercise. You can send the clients you already have to admire it and learn more about your brand …

… but what if your website could be a magnet for new customers that discovered you on Facebook, or in a Google search, or while swiping for love on Tinder?

You probably interact with digital marketing every day. Ever clicked the top result on Google? Noticed an ad on Instagram, or a sponsored product on Amazon? Seen a commercial before your YouTube video selection? Enter your email to view a clickbait article and later received emails suspiciously related to that clickbait content?

If any of this sounds familiar, then digital marketing has worked on you. Digital marketing agencies design online campaigns to drive traffic to your website, which hopefully has been designed well enough to convert. The campaign has a budget, and ideally produces results you can quantify. In most cases, business owners want a campaign that drives more income than it creates expenses, resulting in a profit.

Best of all, such a marketing plan is “scaleable.” Once you figure out that for every $1 spent in marketing you generate $1.50 in profit, you can throw any amount of money available at that same campaign and (hopefully) achieve a predictable 50% profit margin. Campaigns need to be tested overtime to produce a result that can be scaled reliably.

At the end of the day, a site with a mediocre design but a great digital marketing push will drive more revenue than a gorgeous site design with no digital marketing. Online marketing tactics to consider include:

Pay-Per-Click Search Results |  Search Engine Optimization |  Social Media Marketing |  Content Marketing | Affiliate Marketing | Influencer Marketing | E-Mail Marketing |  Viral Marketing

Web Design and Digital Marketing Under One Roof

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There are many advantages to having your website designed by a company that also performs digital marketing services.

If your digital marketing agency wants your site to rank in searches for a certain keyword, it helps if that firm also writes the content so they know to include the keyword liberally.

When attempting a viral marketing campaign targeting short attention spans, it helps to understand that the goal is to hook viewers early. The designer knows to skip the long flash intro, and include fewer images so the site loads more quickly.

If the goal is to collect phone numbers or emails as leads, it helps if the designer knows upfront to include the contact form early and prominently in the web design.

Seeing the whole picture allows the design team to craft a website optimized for the intended online marketing campaign. The website they come up with will be the right tool for the right job.

Remember, online marketing and website design go hand-in-hand. Having both services under the same roof is like having those two hands attached to the same body — much more likely to pull in the same direction.

Website Design partnered with Digital Marketing to grow your Business
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